10 Strength and Condition Bodyweight Exercises for Jiu-Jitsu – Tutorial

Leandro lo and marcus Buchecha Almeida

Each of us is born more or less skilled, it much depends on genetics. Skill can also be greatly influenced by the middle of growing up and developing skills through childhood. But growing up without developing those skills doesn’t mean that we can’t develop them by basic bodyweight exercises. Also by doing those drills we improve our strength and conditioning.

Jiu-Jitsu is a sport which require the use of every muscle of the body, so with these exercises we will cover the whole body. I can guarantee you that body weight is much better than those gym exercises with weights. These movements are natural and bring us strength, condition, speed, acceleration, and many other benefits.

So let’s start with introduction of drills for better progress in Jiu-Jitsu.

1. Kip up burpees – This exercise consist of 3 main movements: Deep squat, push up and jump. It is very good for acceleration and speed. If you can’t do it properly try to do it by help of someone. He/she should light push your back.

2. ABS up – Very simple drill. This one attack your abuse and gives them strength and condition. It can help you to reduce the time of standing up from ground in a fight.

3. Knees to standing jump – Another one for acceleration.

4. Frogger – If you want strong and fast legs this one is perfect for you.
Also try with alternately moving legs, this one also improves your flexibility.

5. The Valslide Hand Walk
Excellent for hands strength and condition also helps develop core muscles.

6. Single leg plyo hip thrust – Very important for hips flexibility and strength,this one helps if you feel any kind of pain in down back.

7. Squat walk – Push your legs to the limit with this awesome drill for the condition. For better performance try to walk backwards.

8. Spiderman push up – This one is not so easy and it’s not recommended for beginners.

9. Bridge rotation (also advanced level) – Here is whole process of learning rotation from bridge position. This one helps for sense of space and escape from different situations

10. Bar abs killer – I prefer this one because it has many benefits for Jiu Jitsu, speed of legs, hips and condition and strength of hands.