Ben Askren Rolling With Marcelo Garcia

Ben Askren Rolling With Marcelo Garcia

In a video below we can see Marcelo Garcia rolling with undefeated MMA star and now UFC fighter Ben Askren.

In a case, you didn’t know Ben Askren “proclaimed himself” a BJJ Black Belt. He did so and was challenging BJJ Black Belts around to prove that he has skills to be one. He admits it in Reddit AMA Conversation.

Ben askren claiming he's black belt

Also, in the same conversation he smashed Demian Maia, he added some additional interesting insights in his Reddit AMA. He said he hated pretending to be him for Woodley.

“Maia is so basic. I had to imitate Maia in sparring and it was awful bc there was no creativity or ability to keep Tyron guessing what was coming” – Askren Said.
When asked about roll with Marcelo Garcia he said it was the Humbling experience.

How humbling, you can check in a video below.