Prepare Yourself for BJJ Ridiculousness ( Suit Rolling 2018 ) – Gi or No Gi Training for the Streets?

Do you have any ridiculous traditions with your friends or family? Traditions that really don’t make sense but you do them anyway?

Well, this is one of our traditions here at my BJJ gym in Louisville, KY. It’s absolutely silly, ridiculous and a lot of fun. Despite being a little odd to look at, everyone is having a blast. And it’s something me and all of my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu students look forward to every year. Here’s how it works. We all get old clothing we have in the closet or from a thrift store, wash it, and then we wear it during a giant rolling session.

This BJJ training session turns into a clothing ripping fest. And at the end of it, we’re left with shreds of clothing everywhere. In this years BJJ Suit Rolling. It was no different. I hope the video gives you a good laugh.

To traditionalists, you probably won’t like this, but to people who are a little silly, you’ll have fun with it. I’ve seen several other Brazilian Jiujitsu gyms doing this and having fun with it. Anyways, thanks for watching! -Chewy