Renzo Gracie on Keenan’s Disrespecting of Rickson and Helio


Renzo Gracie appeared on the UFC unfiltered podcast and he was asked about the new BJJ generation and reasons why they don’t want to compete in MMA.

Renzo’s answer on “the new generation”:

(The evolution) It makes the kids, the new generation, sometimes delusional. They don’t realize. They think they are the best in the world and that they can beat anybody. It’s not true. It’s not reality…

Recently Keenan Cornelius said that if Helio and Rickson Gracie would be around nowadays with the new generation, their level would be like a purple belt at best… That comment found an answer. My grandfather Carlos Gracie used to say ‘Be careful with a tongue in your mouth because it may be the whip that will hit you in eyes’. So that’s exactly what happened… In the last competition, he got submitted by a triangle, and he goes in saying he’s so good, etc. That’s just the way that it is today.

They change teachers all the time. They don’t have values. They want to change Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to American Jiu-Jitsu… But at the last competition, he got tapped by a basic triangle from the guard. I with my humble ‘purple belt’ can help him to learn to defend the triangle. I don’t remember the last time I got caught by a triangle Porra!