Watch AJ Agazarm Mocking his Opponent and Losing His MMA Debut

AJ Agazarm lost his MMA debut against another debutant Jesse Roberts at Bellator 214. Although we can say that AJ Agazarm was very close to winning this fight because he had an RNC locked in at the end of the second round but there was no time for him to finish the fight.

The problem in this fight for Agazarm was with Jesse finding a range to land his shots while becoming more aware of Agazarm’s takedown.

That’s where Agazarm’s frustration came on top. He tried everything to provoke Roberts to open up. He even tried to mock him up but nothing was helping him. Roberts confidence grew and Agazarm’s takedowns weren’t as good as they should be.

In the end, BJJ Star AJ Agazarm lost to a split decision. It was a close fight with ADCC medalist and No GI BJJ world champion could do much better and he had a chance of winning but unfortunately for him, that wasn’t enough.

Here is a full fight of AJ Agazarm vs Jesse Roberts.

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